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A company dedicated to developing, producing and selling solutions for small scale food production for the home, restaurants and educational purposes.
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Welcome to Dansk Hjemmeproduktion 

Dansk Hjemmeproduktion is a company established in 1986 in Denmark.

The driving concept is to create solutions for self sufficiency and healthy living through a sustainable utilisation of nature's gifts from the forests, fields, gardens and oceans.

Our principal business concept is to develop, produce and sell materials, equipment and ingredients for straight forward and tested methods for gardening and producing/preserving a range of food products.


Our product range primarily caters to:


Private households

Individuals who like to produce home made foods, for instance cheese, butter, dried herbs and fruits, sausages, wine, cider, smokehouse delicacies, make fresh juices and much more.  

Who aspires to give guests a dining experience beyond the ordinary.

Schools, educational and recreational sectors

With the use of our products students will get a hands on understanding of basic food production and preservation though practical application.


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Our operation is centered at the estate of Hygild, located in the middle of Jylland (The Jutland Peninsula), Denmark, and comprises 42 hectares (420,000 sq. mtr.) of forests, meadows, green pastures and heaths. Fruit orchards and nut groves make up more than 1,5 hectares (15,000 sq. mtr.).

Enjoy your tour of our website.


Best regards


Dansk Hjemmeproduktion